Baco Ohama

| Born 1951, Alberta


Baco Ohama is a writer and visual artist, working with texts, images and sound.

Artist Statement

For a long time I have had an interest in language; in what gets carried and conveyed, hidden and revealed, through one’s use of language; and in what gets discovered and understood when working with language as one aspect of an artistic practice. My interest is in building, telling, and sharing stories in ways that might be experienced through glimmers and bits or felt in the relational spaces between locations and generations, between the dreams of night and the sensory experiences of day, between the uncanny and the mundane, and between the spoken and the heard. I think of myself as a sensorialist, a writer, a text walker, a maker. And as an artist with an integrated practice my works often take the form of postcards, bookworks, page works, sound or video pieces, photographs, poems, drawings, performative readings, or installations. Currently I live in Calgary, Alberta (having moved here in the summer of 2016) although I continue to have a fondness for the sounds of Montreal and Washington, D.C. and for the waters and history of Vancouver. It makes sense in a way, that I’ve returned to Alberta since I’m continually drawn to the Rockies and the terrain along the Bow River and I still consider myself a prairie farm kid. The Alberta landscape is in my blood and once again I find the skies here filling me with daily awe. I’m currently on faculty at Goddard College (in Plainfield, Vermont) in the low-residency Undergraduate Program. And I’ve previously taught at the University of Calgary (in Calgary, Alberta), at Concordia University (in Montreal, Quebec), and at Emily Carr University of Art + Design (in Vancouver, British Columbia).
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