Contribute a legacy profile

Our goal is to include every Japanese Canadian artist past and present, and we welcome submissions from anyone with information to share. If you know of a Japanese Canadian artist from the past who does not have a profile on the site, or alternately you would like to add more information and/or images to an existing legacy profile, please email with the subject line: Legacy Artist [Artist Name].

If you are interested in contributing the directory but aren’t sure where to start, here is a short list of some legacy artists and groups whom we have identified and would like to have profiles for:

David Toguri
Mrs. Seko (odori choreographer)
Mr. Okabe (shodo artist)
MAPLE poetry group
Jack Hemmy/Henmi
Dave Murakami
“Sonny” Sunao Urata
Kabuki theatre troupe in Sandon 1950s
Odori dance troupe which rehearsed in the Tairiku newspaper office; included Mr. Narusi
Peter Ito
Sanae Willoughby
Yosh Tashiro
Haiku groups from internment camps
Tak Toyota
Sam Yamada
Norio Goto
Seisho Kina Kuwabara
Kokuho Rose
Marjorie Pigott
Yumiko Hoyano