Bradley Kurushima

Region: Victoria BC
Generation: Sansei


Prince Shima is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and third generation Japanese-Canadian based in Victoria BC. By the age of 12 he was writing and performing original compositions live. He has fronted several punk, hardcore and indie bands that have toured throughout North America. As early as 14 he started producing experimental music on a cassette 4-track. His concept album Fantasy Themes Vol. 1 (Illuminated Paths, 2020) is an exploration of hypothetical history and geography based on memories and imagined mythologies. During the pandemic restrictions he began collaborating with singer Ai Ito, the duo explored the interplay between their respective identities as "issei" and "sansei" living and creating in Canada. This resulted in an EP that combines traditional themes juxtaposed with hyperaccelerated modern cultural textures drawn from manga and anime. In 2021, his new composition "Ojiisan" premiered at Neuztec6, an annual festival of experimental music in Victoria BC. This work utilizes digital samples of taiko drums, koto and shamisen, combined with live performance of taishogoto. He is currently working on Fantasy Themes Vol. 2, which will further recontextualize traditional instrumentation in digital performance.


Artist Statement

Prince Shima aims to create otherworldly musical landscapes that explore otherness. By mixing modern and anachronistic technologies, and by gravitating towards obscure instrumentation, there is an aim to explore what it means to be “exotic” to the modern western ear. Whether it is a sense of being out of time or out of place, his music is always transportive, transcendental and hopefully transformative.
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