Julie Tamiko Manning

Region: Montreal QC
Generation: Sansei
Born 1971, Quebec


Julie is an award-winning actor and theatre creator based in ​Tiohtiá:ke /Montréal. Selected acting credits include: Annie in Jean Dit (Théâtre D’Aujourd’hui), Sin in Paradise Lost (Centaur), Elena in Butcher (Centaur), Isabella Bird in Top Girls (Segal Centre), Emilia in Othello (Scapegoat Carnivale/Segal), Titania in A Midsummer Nights’ Dream (Repercussion), Clarence in Richard III (Metachroma), Tokyo Rose in Burning Vision (Rumble Theatre) and Nancy in Oliver! (National Arts Centre).

Her first play, Mixie and the Halfbreeds, a play about mixed identity in multiple universes, was co-written with Adrienne Wong. Her second play, The Tashme Project: The Living Archives, co-created with Matt Miwa, is a verbatim one-act about the Japanese Canadian internment experience, told through the childhood memories of community elders. In 2019 it toured Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa and was published by Playwrights Canada Press the same year. The Tashme  Project received multiple META (Montreal English Theatre Awards) and Rideau Award (Ottawa) nominations including winning a META for Best Text and is currently being adapted into a graphic novel with the help of Japanese American illustrator, PJ Patten.

Julie is currently working on writing the final drafts of Mizushōbai (The Water Trade), her latest play which explores the life of Kiyoko Tanaka-Goto, a Japanese picture-bride turned ‘underground’ business woman in 1930’s British Columbia. It delves into her history, not as a clichéd dragon-lady madam (although at times, perhaps she is), nor as a dutiful daughter (although at times, perhaps she is), nor as a submissive and sexualized female Asian body (although at times, perhaps she is), but as a valuable member of Canadian society who had to fight against expectation, and for autonomy and recognition every step of the way.

Julie is co-artistic director of Tashme Productions with Matt Miwa and is a member of the student taiko group Inazuma Daiko. 

Julie is excited to work alongside Matt Miwa (once again!) and even more excited to have a host of fantastic Japanese Canadian/Nikkei artists collaborating on new digital works for Tashme Productions’ new project Yume. Digital Dreams. It’s going to be epic!

Artist Statement

Unite and celebrate the Japanese Canadian community through art and JC artists.
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