Kanau Uyeyama

Region: Vancouver British Columbia
Born 1933, British Columbia


Kanau Uyeyama is a Vancouver-based architect who has run his own firm, Architecton, with the help of his wife, chief researcher Mary Todd, for over forty years. He received his Bachelor of Architecture at the University of British Columbia in 1957, and since then has designed numerous corporate and research facilities, schools, offices, and private homes. In the 21st century, his focus has been on high-end, prefabricated homes constructed with modules that are mostly built away from the site and then transported and assembled. One of his early projects was the observation pavilion for the Hatanagi Hydroelectric Dam in Japan, in 1963. But most of his projects have been in BC, including the Phase 1 Cyclotron Facility for Nuclear Research Triumf project at UBC, Beaver Creek Elementary School in Surrey, Shoji Japanese Restaurant, and his own house.

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