Kerri Sakamoto

Region: Toronto Ontario
Born 1959, Toronto Ontario


Kerri Sakamoto is a novelist, screenplay writer, and art critic. Born in Toronto, she studied English and French at the University of Toronto, after which time she worked a variety of jobs, many in libraries, before moving to New York for graduate school. The Electrical Field, her award-winning first novel, looks at the Japanese Canadian internment from a sansei perspective, a history she did not learn about until she read a magazine article about it at the age of twenty. She was active in the redress movement in the 1980s, and began work on The Electrical Field during her six years living in New York City. Her second novel, One Hundred Million Hearts, looks at nisei Japanese Canadian and Japanese American men who joined the Japanese military when stuck in Japan during the war. She has also written independent screenplays and writes essays about visual art.