Mami Mizutani

Region: Vancouver BC
Born Japan, Osaka


Mami is a Vancouver-based business woman who founded Beauty Secrets of Japan and Camellia Japan. Mami immigrated to Canada, from Osaka Japan, in 1999. She is a graduate of Otani University and continued to study multimedia after immigrating. 


Since her arrival to Canada, Mami has been involved in several successful start-up businesses yet chose to follow her heart and returned to her soap-making roots. Since that time, Mami has gone on to establish Beauty Secrets of Japan and Camellia Japan. She prides herself on making hand crafted soaps with unique organic components and traditional Japanese ingredients. Mami has won much notoriety for her business efforts and has been featured in Japanese Magazine. Mami is a staple within the Pacific North West artisan community, yet is also experiencing international success with her creations. Mami is also active in the Japanese community; in preserving and promoting the arts and culture. 

Artist Statement

I try to live my life simple, pure and clean. This is what I was taught as a child and what I bring to my business. I am proud of my family, my culture and my skin care products. Similarly, I take great pride knowing that my products are all hand crafted and organic; as my grandmother taught me.

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