Masa Inokuchi

Region: Toronto Ontario
Born 1933, Japan


Masa Inokuchi is a violin-maker and craftsperson. With dreams of using Canadian maple for his violin making, Inokuchi immigrated to Canada with his wife Shoko and three children in 1968. During the years it took to prepare himself towards a career in violin making (which took more than ten years because tone woods need to be aged more than ten years), Inokuchi engaged in the business of making Japanese style interior décor items like shoji screens and tea ceremony rooms for private homes and restaurants.

In the past 50 years that Inokuchi has been making instruments, he has made over 300 including guitars, violins, violas and cellos. Many of his instruments are played by professionals and enthusiasts in Canada, USA, Japan, U.K. and Europe. In the past 5 years, Inokuchi has been working on building an airplane.