Mia Ohki

Mia Ohki
Region: BC Vancouver BC


Mia Ohki is an Japanese Canadian artist, born in Connecticut, USA, and raised in Alberta, Canada. She now lives and works in Vancouver, BC. She primarily illustrates with black pen on white paper to convey her thoughts, however she also uses many other visual art mediums, including sculpture and painting, to study concepts that interest her. Mia’s art is influenced heavily by her culture, as she is half Japanese, as well as Metis. Her practice began at a very young age, starting with art classes in St. Albert, Alberta, at the age of 6, and continuing until the first semester of fine art at the Center for Arts and Communication at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, AB. After discontinuing the arts program, she became an independent artist, and organized a business around her art called Mia Ohki Illustrations. With her body of work growing, Mia is now working on her first exhibition.

Artist Statement

I work with white backdrops and distinct black lines for traditional simplicity in my communication of emotions and ideas. Although I occasionally experiment with different mediums, it's usually black pen or paint on white canvas or paper, and I attempt to inspire feelings in the viewer, putting emphasis on positional and proportional characteristics instead of clear facial features or expressions. My subject matter frequently centers around my background. As a Metis-Japanese-Canadian artist, it also serves as a way to show the viewer a new cultural perspective. I create my work for all audiences; striving to depict relatable portrayals of the feminine, social, and cultural influences in my life.

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