Miki Inokuchi

Region: Toronto Ontario


Having grown up in the household of instrument makers, Miki has worked together with his father Masa Inokuchi making guitars and violins from early teen years. At age 23, he decided to carry on the family tradition. Rather than taking the usual route of starting with carving and construction of the instrument, Miki devoted his time studying and experimenting with the finish and varnishing of the violin. It would be almost 10 years later that Miki would be satisfied with the technique that he had developed.

Besides making new instruments Miki engaged in doing setup work for other violin shops. Having cut thousands of bridges and sound-posts in the past, he has gained much expertise in the sound adjustment aspect of the violin and is trusted by many players for his work. In recent years, Miki had developed a line of ‘shop’ instruments that are more affordably-priced, catering to individuals who are higher level students or players who do not require more expensive ‘pro’ models.