Mui-Ling Teh

Region: ON Toronto
Nisei | Toronto, Ontario


Mui-Ling Teh is an artist, photographer, and poet of Japanese and Chinese descent. She produces art both traditionally and digitally; but at present she is best known for her miniature origami.

Teh’s origami began as photography props, sometimes accompanied by her poetry. In 2014 she transitioned to exhibiting and selling her original creations in public. Teh has mostly exhibited her art through the Japanese Community, but she has also exhibited within the local Chinese and Korean communities, along with art galleries in Toronto and the United Kingdom. She has also taught origami in a few workshops.

The sentiment behind Teh’s origami is often inspired by the paper crane, and its symbolism of peace and good luck. While incorporating themes of joy and hope in her work, Teh donates a portion of her profit from art sales to charities like CAMPFIRE CIRCLE (formerly Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium), which shares similar values.

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