Natalie Purschwitz

Region: Vancouver BC
Nisei | BC


Natalie Purschwitz is a visual artist based in Vancouver, BC. Her work seeks out spaces between art, design, performance and daily life. Purschwitz has shown her work nationally and internationally at the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Nikkei National Museum, the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Canada House in London, England and the Prince Takamato Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. She grew up in a small town in the Canadian Rockies.

Artist Statement

My work seeks out spaces between art and design, performance and daily life. My visual art practice is materially motivated and driven by curiosities in anthropology, archaeology, human/nature relationships, morphology and formal arrangement. Clothing is sometimes a starting point for my work. I am interested in how clothing functions as a language and a form of cultural production. My work incorporates a range of media including sculptural installation, video, performance, photography and works on paper. I have a parallel practice designing costumes and sets for contemporary dance and theatre.
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