Raymond Nakamura

Region: Vancouver BC
Generation: Sansei
Born 1962, Toronto
Died NA


Raymond was born and raised in Toronto but has lived most of his working life in Vancouver. Long, long ago, the University of Toronto gave Raymond a degree in Zoology and Japanese Language. Then Kyushu University in Japan granted him a Master’s degree for studying the population ecology of stalked barnacles and finally, the U of T let him have a doctorate for his studies on the hydrodynamics of sand dollars. Nowadays, he rents his brain when he is not helping his daughter with homework, playing hockey, or walking the dog.

His work explores facts and fiction, science and history, words and pictures. He has collaborated with a variety of organizations, including Science World, the Vancouver Aquarium, and the Nikkei National Museum.

He does not usually speak about himself in the third person.

Artist Statement

  • Nikkei related work include words for the picture book Peach Girl
  • winner of the 2016 Nikkei Voice short story contest
  • co-curator of Ryoshi, an exhibition on the history of Nikkei fishing
  • co-host of the podcast Sounds Japanese Canadian to Me
  • cartoonist for the Hastings Park 1942 web site
  • articles and comics for the Nikkei Voice newspaper, Ricepaper journal, and Discover Nikkei web site
  • I feel honoured and privileged to rub digital elbows with esteemed creators who know what they are doing

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