Robert Shiozaki


Robert Shiozaki is a ceramic artist with forty-plus years of experience working with clay. His formative studies were in Vancouver at the Vancouver School of Art, and Kyoto, Japan, at the Kyoto School of Fine Arts. He teaches carving and modelling at Totally Ceramics in Surrey and the Port Moody Arts Centre, where he has also exhibited his work.

His work has taken inspiration from his Japanese Canadian heritage, as in his 2010 installation at the Nikkei National Museum with Mary Anne Tateishi, Half & Half, as well as the art of Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest.

Artist Statement

Memorable and inspirational mentors have given me an approach to my work, always as a student, and this in turn has led to a pursuit filled with discovery. Pottery making has bestowed upon me the pleasure of working in solitude, a contemplative lifestyle of sorts. It has given me the opportunity to meet a diversity of people and gain the knowledge of their understanding and appreciation of things made by inspired, independent, and individually creative endeavours. I always hope the work speaks for itself.

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