Roy Miya

Region: Toronto Ontario
| Born 1925, Vancouver


Roy Miya is a musician who was born in 1925, Vancouver. At the age of 16, he first heard Vernon Hakkaku on piano playing Amapola, written by Joseph Lacalle, while on a boat on the Skeena River. Roy was so impressed, he began to teach himself piano. His brother Louie introduced him to stride piano, a style of jazz piano made famous by Fats Waller and Art Tatum, and he was hooked on jazz. He went through a succession of influences until he hit on Bill Evans.

Roy has spent a lifetime studying Evans’ technique. He sat in with just about anyone who needed a piano player. Prominent among these was Phil Nimmons, a Toronto jazz legend. Mostly, he kept to himself quietly studying his hero.

He has one recording, Saigon Dreaming, an album with Terry Watada and featuring Butch Watanabe. Roy was also featured on Terry’s double album Night’s Disgrace. He recently appeared in concert at the Castleview Wychwood Seniors Home, arranged by the Toronto NAJC, David Fujino and Bruce Tatemichi who accompanied him.