Ryan Takatsu

Region: Winnipeg MB
Generation: Sansei
Born 1954, Winnipeg


Ryan Takatsu is a sansei, designer, video artist and cultural equity advocate. Born in Winnipeg and studied at the University of Manitoba – Faculty of Architecture: Interior Design graduate; Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity: Toronto Publishing Workshop; the University of Toronto: ITDC ADMC; and the University of Winnipeg.

During the 1980s and 1990s, he was active in the visual arts community who developed and coordinated culturally diverse projects in Winnipeg: Plug-In Art; Midcontinental: Charm, Good Thinking, News and Culture; co-founder of Video Pool; Block-O-Rama/Black-O-Rama (Reggae-Soca-Urban Dance festival); and the Cultural Equity Group (Cultural Equity for the Media Arts); in Toronto: Racial Equity Fund; Full Screen Coalition; Trinity Square Video; Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto; Images Festival; Canadian Film Centre; and in Montreal: IFVA (Independent Film and Video Alliance/AVCI (Alliance de la vidéo et du cinéma indepéndent). 

Below video art still: “Pompidoleum” is a psychedelic video-processed architectural tour of the newly-built Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. Produced in 1978, Video, 6:37

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