Sansho Daiko

Region: Vancouver BC
Formed 2010
Founding Members
Cheryl LeeElaine GinnAmy NewmanJohn Endo GreenawayCurtis AdachiKanata SonanakaTamotsu TonguSophia Lamar
Current Members
Cheryl LeeElaine GinnAmy NewmanJohn Endo GreenawayKanata SonanakaTamotsu TonguFelice KwoPam Park Jost


Formed in 2010, Sansho Daiko is a Vancouver-based taiko group that brings a fresh approach to an ancient art form. Drawing on both traditional and contemporary repertoire, the group creates a visual and aural experience that defies easy categorization and crosses ethnic and cultural boundaries. Like the plant it was named after, Sansho Daiko seeks to be a spicy addition to the west coast taiko scene.

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