Shinya Kumazawa

Region: Ontario Toronto
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Inspired by the beautiful scenery of High Park, Toronto, Shinya Kumazawa has been living and painting in Toronto since 2000.  Mesmerized by the shifting seasons as they unfold on the 400 acres, ranging from blooming cherry blossoms from his homeland to changing fall leaves and glittering snowscapes typical of the Canadian landscape, Shinya has created over 100 paintings.  With 50% of this work physically painted in High Park, Shinya has not only drawn the attention of regular park visitors as he worked his canvases, but also the attention of the Park’s wildlife – once having painted in the company of a coyote. The colours and contrasting lighting that typifies this Toronto gem is Shinya’s muse.

Artist Statement

The Sun is the source of all energy. That was my conclusion when I spent 5 years of my twenties in Arizona. Red rock and blue sky are outlined by the relentless sunshine. Secrets of nature leak from the Shamanistic Rock. I felt the warm familiarity of my native mountain gods in Japan.
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