Shizuka Kai

Region: Vancouver BC
Nisei | Born June 14, 1982, Vancouver


Shizuka is a freelance theatre artist based in Vancouver known mainly for her work as a set designer and puppeteer. She also has experience in mask making, puppet making, props, painting, illustrations, costume design, and some stage/film acting. She has worked with many theatre companies including Arts Club Theatre Company, Neworld Theatre, Théâtre la Seizième, Carousel Theatre for Young People, Electric Company, Rumble Theatre, Axis Theatre, Boca del Lupo, Theatre Newfoundland Labrador, Solo Collective and many others.

Shiz is a Jessie Richardson Award winner and three-time nominee, and an Ovation award nominee. She has extensive theatre training in Japan at Nihon University and more recently at Studio 58 where she received the Earl Klein Memorial Scholarship during her graduating term.

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