Shun Sasabuchi

Born 1951, Tokyo Japan


Shun Sasabuchi is a photographer. He was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1951 and moved to Toronto, Canada in 1969 at the age of 18. He graduated from the Graphic Design Department at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Canada.

Sasabuchi entered the world of photography on graduation when he started to work as a freelance photographer in Canada. He quickly established himself as a leading commercial photographer, focusing mainly on product photography such as jewellery, watches, cosmetics, and other goods. Sasabuchi also worked in other fields, including television commercial production. He received numerous advertising and design awards, including the North American Retail Advertising Award, for his photography.

Sasabuchi’s art photography has been displayed in group exhibitions around the world, including Toronto, New York, Milan, and other cities. Around 40 of his works are part of the permanent collection at the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography in Ottawa.

Sasabuchi returned to Japan in 2010. He now lives in Kurume-city, Fukuoka. Sasabuchi is currently working on creating and publishing his ‘photo art’ artworks. His style involves distilling the ‘textures’ found in city scenes and polishing the beauty found therein. The city textures he selects with his expert eye come to reflect otherworldly scenes as he plays with their color tone and contrast. Photo art, an art form evocative of both photography and painting, prompts the viewer’s imagination to create beauty in the space between imagination and reality.

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