Tatsuo Kage

Region: Vancouver British Columbia
| Japan


Tatsuo Kage is the author of Nikkei Kanadajin no Tsuiho, translated into English as Uprooted Again: Japanese Canadians Move to Japan After World War II by Kathleen Chisato Merken. Born in Japan, Kage studied German history in Japan and Germany, eventually becoming an academic specializing in European political and diplomatic history. He immigrated to Canada in 1975, where he became acquainted with generations of Japanese Canadians through community activities for the Japanese Canadian centennial and later the Redress movement, for which Kage acted as a translator and interpreter for the Issei. He became interested in Japanese Canadian exiles when visiting Japan in 1989 as part of a delegation from the Canadian government and the National Association of Japanese Canadians that was sent to explain the redress settlement to Japanese Canadians exiled to Japan and help them to apply for compensation. Kage continues to be active in the Vancouver Japanese Canadian community.