Terrie Hamazaki

Region: Vancouver BC
Nisei | Born 1961, Vancouver BC


Terrie Hamazaki is a Vancouver-based writer of poetry, fiction/non-fiction, and stage plays. Her writings reflect her passion for bringing forth the lives of working-class Japanese-Canadian queer women. She performed her one-woman show “Furusato (birth place)” at the Fringe and Women in View Performing Arts Festivals (an excerpt was published in “Beyond the Pale: Dramatic Writing from First Nations Writers and Writers of Colour”). Her story “O-heso (belly button)” about her struggles with infertility was published in “Swelling with Pride: Queer Conception and Adoption Stories.” She is a lesbian-feminist who has been active in the anti-violence against women movement since the 1980s. She is currently working on her memoirs.

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