Uminari Taiko

Region: Vancouver Island BC Victoria BC
Formed July 2002
Founding Members
Jacob Derksen, Brad Lewis, Margie Parikh, Val Watanabe, Deb Shepherd
Current Members
Tsugio Kurushima, Susan Kurushima, Teruyo Sano, Gayle Nye, Ken Murata, Mark Holzer, Cadence Mandybura, Douglas James


Uminari Taiko is Vancouver Island's first taiko drumming ensemble. Its mission is to share and promote the art of Japanese taiko drumming through teaching and performances.

Uminari is a Japanese word that can be translated as “roaring sea” – the sound of the crashing waves and the silence in between. It is a name that captures equally the essence of taiko and of our windy, wave-swept island.

Since its founding in 2002, Uminari Taiko has performed at numerous schools, festivals and holiday events both public and private functions, in Victoria and around Vancouver Island.