Hitoshi Sugiyama

Region: Edmonton AB
Generation: Shin-Ijusha
Born 1978, Ibaraki Japan


Born and raised in Japan, Hitoshi Sugiyama practiced and performed taiko and shinobue. During university, he started DJing and composing electronic music. 

In 2009, he moved to Canada and continued composing. He joined a local band and the soundtrack they created forThe Moustachewon awards at the 2017 Edmonton International Film Festival and the Las Vegas Silver State Film Festival. 

Hitoshi’s next project combined taiko and shinobue with electronic music. In 2019, he performed at local music events and the Edmonton Heritage Festival, as part of Asian Heritage Month with Kita No Taiko, and at EJCA’s 25th anniversary concert. 

He is also creating Ambient/experimental electro-acoustic music under the name of Gozu Mezu. https://t-a-i-l.ca/artists/gozu_mezu/bio.html 

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