Kate Kamo McHugh

Kate Kamo McHugh
Region: Kitchener ON
Generation: Yonsei
Born 1984, Kitchener, Ontario


Kate Kamo McHugh is a dance and theatre artist from Kitchener, Ontario. Recent highlights include an artist residency at the National Arts Centre, presenting a solo piece at IMPACT 21 Theatre Festival,  and performing with Cosmic Fishing Theatre. In 2021 Kate co-facilitated a movement-based workshop for the Newcomer Youth Program in partnership with MT Space and the YMCA. In the spring of 2022 she created a short dance film, PULSE, with directors Allen Kaeja and Olya Glotka. Pulse was created with Japanese Canadian artist Louise Noguchi as a reinterpretation and response to her film Searchers.  Currently, Kate is working on her solo show Twenty Grains of Rice: Seeds of Reclamation, an exploration of her Japanese Canadian identity - cultural loss, retention and creation. She holds a BFA from Toronto Metropolitan University in Theatre Performance Dance.

Instagram: @kate.k.mch

Artist Statement

My name is Kate Kamo McHugh, and I am a dance and theatre artist from Kitchener, Ontario.  My work centres around concepts such as migration, belonging and the intersection of art and caregiving - all themes I feel intimately connected to. I am interested in creating multidisciplinary works and especially keen on collaborating with other Nikkei artists.

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