Yukari Oyama Peerless

Yukari Peerless
Region: Victoria BC
Issei Shin-Ijusha | Born 1975, Osaka, Japan


Yukari is a writer, Cultural Consultant, interpreter, podcaster and watercolor artist based in Victoria, BC.   Yukari has been helping to bridge the cultural gap between Japan and Canada ever since 1998, when she moved from her native Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan, to Victoria. She has become the go-to person for all things Japanese culture and performing arts on Vancouver Island. Yukari is passionate about proper representation of Japanese culture in the media.

One of Yukari’s first jobs in Canada was working for the Canadian College of Film and Acting. Her interest in the theatre arts was fueled by watching student films and participating in acting workshops.

As the owner of Lucid Communication, she provides a variety of services such as interpretation and Cultural Consulting to Japanese and Canadian clients, including the local government, the government of Japan, and film &TV productions.  Past projects and clients include All Nippon Airways, Dove, Post, Philips, Ubisoft and Disney.

She serves as the director of communication at Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society. She also serves as a board member at Canadian College of Performing Arts where she is an active member of Cultural Safety Working Group. She is also a part of the Arts, Culture, and Education committee at National Association of Japanese Canadians.

Yukari is also the producer/host of Japanese podcast はみだし系ライフの歩きかた(roughly translated as "Misfit's guide to life") focused on various social issues.

Yukari is also a digital content creator and can be found across social media.