Ken Mizokoshi

Ken Mizokoshi portrait
Region: Victoria BC
Generation: Issei Shin-Ijusha
Born 1967, Nagasaki, Japan


Ken Mizokoshi is a professional photographer who was born and raised in Nagasaki, Japan. He was a staff photographer and a reporter for Japan’s national newspaper The Asahi Shimbun for 25 years. As a photographer, he covered both the daily news, such as emergency situations and special events, as well as human-interest stories.

One of his personal photo projects is “remains Nagasaki”. He took pictures of personal items found around the epicenter of the blast in Nagasaki.  He started this project because he wants people in the world to know about the atomic bomb survivors and the dangers of nuclear weapons. He believes these personal items can speak deeply about the people who owned them. These pictures resulted in an exhibition that was held in Nagasaki (2013), Tokyo (2014) and New York City (2015).

Mizokoshi moved to Canada in 2017 and settled in Victoria, BC in 2020 with his family.

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