Laura Fukumoto

Region: BC
Generation: Yonsei
Born 1990, Vancouver


Laura Fukumoto grew up on Toronto’s East Lakeshore, but relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia in 2009, where she now works as a costume designer and wardrobe professional, graduating from the University of British Columbia with a BFA in Theatre Production and Design. She has worked with many theatre companies such as The Arts Club and Bard on the Beach, and costume designed for Solo Collective, Alley Theatre, Neworld Theatre, Up in the Air, Delinquent Theatre, and Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre, with whom she recently designed the costumes for Tetsuro Shigematsu’s 1 Hour Photo.

In her spare time, Laura writes sad poetry and angry essays on the internet, and will probably be a politician or a strange performance artist in her next career.

Artist Statement

there is no apolitical art
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