Mikuro Mika

Region: ON
| Born 1987, Japan


MIKURO MIKA is a singersongwriter based in North America and Japan. In 2015, she was diagnosed with cancer in her stomach and immediately got treatment. Following that ordeal, she decided to go to other countries to share her music and message and left Japan. She has performed at Anime North, Japan festival Canada and she was interviewed by VICE CANADA on a daily VICE episode. She has particularly attracted a lot of attention and finally she released her first album with people from all over the world.


VIDEOS Music Video : Good Day  Live Video : ARIGATO  Interview by VICE CANADA 


2021  Rrepresented by Orion Live UK Ltd and signed to the UK-based label Setsuzoku Records. Released single “Product boy” “Good Day” Performed at Hyper Japan Online (UK)

2020  Performed at Japan Festival Canada Became Overseas manager of Japan artist association(NPO) J-POP Event managed with Embassy of Japan in Canada

2019  Released first album “Be myself” Performed at FAN EXPO CANADA Performed at Japan Festival Canada

2018  Japanese local TV “Mizoguchi Record Ten” Main MC Lyric Writer of J-pop idols “eyes”

2017  On Cosmetic web commercial called “SHU UEMURA” Performed at Anime North

2017  Performed at KIRAKIRA POP(Florida) Performed at Japan Festival Canada

2016  Moved to Toronto. Performed Anime North as a ACT102 (Uncle Tetsu’s Angel Cafe) member. On George Brown college newspaper(As a specal guest Singer) On Youth radio as a guest Singer(Gilda’s Club Greater(Cancer support)) Performed at Kawaii bass(Toronto) Performed at J-summiti (NY)

2015  She fixed her cancer. Moved to NY. Performed at the Carnegie Hall as a Cissy Houston’s back up choir

2014  In Thailand the magazine “HAIR TREND+PLUS” introduced her bland and Fashion. She left Japan for Philippines to study their music, culture and language.

2013  Back up singer Main Singer:Korean-pop singer”FAT CAT” Single Album:”Make up”released only in Japan Fashion Model for “SPINS” “SPINS” is the fashion Bland Harajuku Style. She got semi finalist at the model contest.

2012  1st Single AlbumStart J-pop Group : 3cro Adventure!!


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