Peter Shinkoda

Generation: Nisei/Sansei
Born 1971, Montreal, QC


Peter Shinkoda is a Canadian born actor most well known for
his portrayals of Dai in Steven Spielberg's Falling Skies and
Nobu in Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix. In addition to enjoying
an acting career that has spanned almost 30 years Shinkoda also
worked at the Warner Bros. Studios facility in Burbank as an
employee of the lot's Post Production department for 3 years
during the 90s. Starting out there as a production assistant
Shinkoda eventually acquired the skills of apprentice editor then
eventually graduated to assistant editor. While at WB he studied
Post Production for Film & Television at UCLA and finished the
AVID Editing program at Video Symphony in North
Hollywood. Eventually Shinkoda worked on Canadian shot
films in editing on Hollywood features such as Romeo Must
Die, Rat Race, Freddy Got Fingered, etc. while in his acting
career he has enjoyed working under the direction of prestigious
directors such as Steven Spielberg, Roland Emmerich, John
Woo, Joe Dante, Alex Proyas, Shane Black, etc. Currently
Shinkoda is trying his hand at producing several projects in
hopes that his voice can contribute to the need for a more
diversified approach to storytelling.

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