Soramaru Takayama

Region: Vancouver BC
Generation: Shin-Ijusha
Born 1979, Nagano, Japan


In 2007, having received an MA in philosophy, Sora travelled the world for four-and-a-half years writing short poems. In 2008, he joined Austrian artist Bello Benischauer’s ongoing art project doing translation and performance work.

His first poetry book, Tsuki To Buranko, was published in 2014 which he took on three successful tours of Japan. He was featured in the Japanese TV commercial along with his poem “A cloud and a backpack” in 2015. In 2015 he was featured in short documentary film created by Global Work, a Japanese lifestyle brand. The film was part of a national broadcast and online campaign about Japanese nationals living inspiring lives abroad.. In an effort to further develop his innovative PoemMime style he is currently studying traditional Japanese theatre movement with Master Yayoi Hirano.

He performed for the Canada Japan Friendship Association, Joy Kogawa House, and was commissioned to create and perform a poem of the 110th Anniversary of the Vancouver Japanese Language School & Japanese Hall. Sora hosts an annual Canada Council for the Arts funded event, Japanese Poets North of the 49th. He is the founder and owner of Vegan Pudding & Co.