Camille Kiku Belair

Region: ON Toronto
gosei | Born 1997, Toronto


Camille Kiku Belair (b. 1997- ) is a graduate of Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, and is currently a student at the University of Toronto Faculty of Music pursuing a double major in classical guitar performance and composition.

As a classical guitarist, Camille has won a number of awards, such as the gold medal from the Royal Conservatory of Music for having achieved the highest mark in both Ontario and Quebec on a practical exam – four times; and first place in the Kiwanis Music Festival’s Provincial Competitions – twice. Camille performs regularly at student composition concerts, in pit bands, and in the University of Toronto’s Guitar Orchestra.

As a composer, new pieces are debuted each year – mostly chamber music – in a style that draws great inspiration from early music, modern forms, contemporary practices, and a multi-cultural background of French/ French Canadian, Japanese/ Japanese Canadian, and German inspiration. Having spent an early childhood engrossed in the Japanese Canadian community – attending Ikebata nursery school and camp Kodomo at the JCCC; taking Ikebana lessons at the Toronto Buddhist Temple; attending the Toronto Japanese Language School – composition has been a way of actively working with what is often a very confusing relationship with Japanese Canadian identity, especially as a white-passing mixed person.

Camille is also interested in the visual arts, though they have been sidelined for a greater focus on music in recent years. From book-binding to printmaking to painting to drawing, visual media has and will always continue to be a strong passion.