Will Shintani

Region: Toronto
Hapa-yonsei | Toronto, ON


My name is Will Shintani.

A yonsei, I was born and raised in Toronto, ON, Canada. I am a hapa, Japanese-Ecuadorian.

As a visual artist, I enjoy drawing and painting, with both traditional and digital media. I also do graphic design, and by combining all these skills, I enjoy creating unique illustrations and artworks. Please feel free to catch a glimpse of my latest works: www.instagram.com/willshintani

I am currently working on opening a new gallery space. I would like to use this space to share Japanese-Canadian artworks, among a wide range of subject matter and styles. Details to come.

For any commissions or questions, please contact me at admin@willshintani.com


Artist Statement

"Graphic Designer w/the Soul of an Artist by day, Artist w/the Soul of an Assassin by night" I’ve always had an affinity to visual art, and I love that art can touch people minds, and hearts, and souls. I have a particular interest in the human condition, and I tend to explore those curiosities using art and design to engage, study and analyze people. To me, it’s about asking questions as much as it is about giving answers. I have a wide range of interests and influences, from Science Fiction and Comics, to Japanese Culture and Hip Hop.
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