Yosh Inouye

Region: Toronto Ontario
Born 1941, Japan


Yosh Inouye is a photographer and graphic designer. He studied sociology, photography, and graphic design in Japan and came to Canada in 1968.  He worked as an advertising photographer, operating his own studio. In the mid-1980s, he was invited to teach at Sheridan College of which he says, ‘I didn’t know I can teach until then, but, soon I discovered myself enjoying teaching. Yosh can teach!’

Inouye started using computers at a very early stage, working first with the Commodore. In 1989, he bought a Mac IICi and learnt Adobe Photoshop, upgraded to an 8100 in 1994 and declared himself a Photoshop specialist, merely because at that time there were not many competitive Photoshoppers around. In 1998, Inouye moved to George Brown College as a full time faculty member. There he taught graphic design, teaching Photoshop. Soon afterwards, he found himself teaching Quarkxpress, Illustrator, and InDesign, as well.

After his retirement from the college, Inouye started strolling around the city of Toronto, saying of this ‘Just to avoid people thinking I have dementia, I have been carrying a small camera.’

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