Yuka Yamaguchi

Yuka Yamaguchi
Region: Saskatoon SK
Generation: Issei
Born 1974, Kobe, Japan


Yuka is a self-taught visual artist born in Kobe, Japan. She studied English in Vancouver in 1995. She moved to Winnipeg in 2000 and immigrated in 2002. She’d lived in Kingston before settled in Saskatoon in 2005.

Although she enjoys challenges, she struggled to adapt herself to the new environment as an immigrant. That’s when she realized that the best way for her to express herself freely was Art.

Colour pencils is her medium. She loves that they give out strong colors even though they are delicate.

She draws as she sees an image appear on paper and keeps adding images like a puzzle. She doesn’t know what a drawing will look like until the end. She believes in the power of unconscious mind. Her interest is to understand the relationship between the body and mind. 

When she’s not immerse herself in art, she enjoys cooking, playing the taiko drum, and long-distant running.

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