Yurie Hoyoyon

Region: British Columbia
Generation: Shin-Ijusha
Born Japan,


Yurie is a multi talented girl in Vancouver; she is…
An illustrator, graphic designer, portrait artist, greeting cards artist.
Also a voice actress, MC, poetry event coordinator for the Vancouver based poet Soramaru Takayama, and a TV reporter of Nikkei TV.

As an illustrator and a portrait artist, she has worldwide client base including North America, Europe, and Asia. She had drawn more than 300 portraits for last 3 years. Her artworks were featured on Buzzfeed.com & Dailyhives, two of the top online information portals. Her recent artwork includes the all beer labels of Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks, up and coming local brewery in Richmond.

As a MC, she has been a MC for poetry events for the poet Soramaru Takayama & Joy Kogawa, Nikkei Matsuri, Nikkei Talent Search, and Cherry Blossom festival. She also does MC for Japanese company events including MUJI.

As a voice actress, she does various companies product narration, music album narration, music video voice insert, audio text book for kids learning Japanese, game character voice.

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